• To advance the science and understanding of Hypospadias anomaly
  • To create and support a research-intensive environment in hypospadias related fields



  • Tariq Abbas (Qatar)-Chair
  • Nicolas Fernandez (USA)
  • Sibel Tiryaki (Turkey)
  • Michael Sennert/Mohamed Fawzy (Germany)
  • Marcela Leal da Cruz (Brazil)



  • To organize research-oriented educational mini sessions/lectures during each HIS meeting.
  • To facilitate formalization of surveys towards the members of the HIS
  • To harmonize and liaise international multicenter research projects and databases related to hypospadias


Active projects for International Collaboration

  1. Regular literature reviews/systematic reviews to present the “best available” knowledge in certain hypospadias-related “hot questions”.
  2. Annual specialist surveys for HIS meeting attendees about pre-selected controversial topics in hypospadias research
  3. Implementation of a shared database of certain clinical/anatomic variables to be prospectively collected in a multicentric manner. Real-Time International Collaborative Hypospadias Database (RICH): https://www.sidra.org/research/clinical-research/clinical-research-at-sidra-medicine/real-time-international-collaborative-hypospadias-database-rich


  • Evaluating long-term clinical outcomes of patients with hypospadias
  • Standardized multicentre computer-based database
  • Joint Authorship of resulting manuscripts
  • High-level evidence needed in hypospadias surgery
  • Facilitate collaborative research among pediatric urologists
  • Dynamically integrate new variables to answer newly emerging questions like genetic findings and phenotypes
  • Secured Data Access Policy


Research Priorities

  • Hypospadias etiology underpinning:

Collective research under this priority includes, but is not limited to:

  • genetic studies,
  • histological investigations, and
  • epidemiological research.
  • Hypospadias Repair Outcomes Research:

This research priority pertains to research and scholarly activities that directly relates to:

  • The holistic functional, cosmetic and psycho-social of individuals who has surgeries for hypospadias.
  • It also includes quality of life focused projects.